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Top Reasons to Consider Acrylic Over Glass

Whether it's products or promotional materials, you may wonder if you should go with glass or acrylic. We specialize in customer acrylic displays, and we are confident in saying that acrylic offers many benefits over glass. Many applications are turning to acrylic over glass for all its many advantages.Acrylic Display


Glass and acrylic offer the same clarity, but acrylic is more superior as it lets more light through. Acrylic has a higher light transmittance level than glass with 92% versus 90%. Thicker glass begins to look cloudy, while thickness doesn't affect the transparency of acrylic.


As a business owner, we know that cost is a deciding factor in many of your choices. So we have great news for you: acrylic is lighter and costs less to transport. It's often the more cost-effective option.


The fact that acrylic is lightweight makes it a popular choice. Often acrylic weighs less than half the weight of glass. The lightweight characteristic makes it a popular choice in many applications, such as DIY projects, roofing, and glazing.


Acrylic is a stronger material than glass. Even in thicker panes, glass is incredibly fragile. In addition to its fragility, glass is dangerous when broken. Acrylic is more durable, and it's weather-resistant, which means it can withstand up to 20 years of outside weather conditions. When using your product for outdoor projects, choose acrylic over glass. 

Acrylic Display

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