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What You Need to Know About Acrylic Plastic

Acrylic plastic has been around for years and is incredibly popular in a multitude of industries. Maybe, you’re more familiar with its other name: plexiglass. Whether you’re designing acrylic boxes or acrylic trays, there are so many benefits to using this material. Acrylic is also an excellent choice for all your marketing needs. An acrylic display is a great way to showcase your products and services.Acrylic Boxes

Easy to Fabricate and Shape

Heated acrylic is malleable, which allows you to shape it into many different designs. When it cools, it will hold the shape. This feature will enable you to design display items to fit any product or service.

It’s Highly Transparent

Acrylic is incredibly transparent, and it stays that way over time. This feature is beneficial for those displays used outside as the plastic is UV-resistant. The transparency and any other colors added will not fade due to sunlight. The transparency makes acrylic a viable option for many industries, such as automotive screens, eyeglasses, tanks, and computers.

Low Maintenance

Acrylic plastic comes with a few cleaning and maintenance rules, but overall it’s an easy material to maintain. If you notice any stains on your acrylic display, use a microfiber cloth and warm water to dab the area.

It’s Durable

Its durability is one of the best features of acrylic plastic. It’s made to last. Acrylic is more durable than glass while being 50% lighter. If you drop your acrylic design, you do not have to worry about it shattering. It’s also a less expensive option than glass.

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