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Wide Range of Applications for Laser Cut Acrylic

Using acrylic as a means to decorate can help to give a space character. Laser cutting acrylic allows for unique and customizable designs and engravings. The laser can make intricate cuts, which makes the process extremely versatile. 

One common use for acrylic is for making centerpieces for parties/events. For those who have attended a wedding, sweet 16, or bar/bat mitzvah, you have most likely seen an acrylic centerpiece. Laser cutting acrylic can create custom designs to fit any mood or theme. For instance, if a bat mitzvah is Disney themed, you can color precise silhouette cutouts of different characters. Rather than sitting at table 1, 2, or 3, your guests will sit at the Mickey, the Daisy, and the Goofy table. If you do not have them in mind, there are many great templates and ideas to be found on the Internet.

Acrylic can also be used to create beautiful wall art. Typical wall art includes sports teams, as well as floral patterns and holiday themed. All artwork can be custom engraved to make the piece personalized (whether for yourself or a gift).

Using a laser to cut custom designed acrylic allows for wide range of options for final products. For more information on how to produce custom acrylic art, give us a call.

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