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Why do People Rely on Laser Cutting Acrylic?

When it comes to choosing an industrial cutting process for acrylic, individuals have many things to consider. When it comes down to it, laser cutting acrylic could be the most viable option. The benefits of laser cutting technology make the process both affordable and efficient. It has impressive performance rates when compared to other methods of cutting acrylic plastic.

There are obvious advantages that are had when using a laser. These include fast speeds, high accuracy, and accurate positioning. Lasers are commonly used to cut items like:

  • Acrylic gifts
  • Acrylic display frames
  • Acrylic wall art
  • Acrylic event decorations

Machine cutting is less expensive than laser cutting in some cases, but the saved money is lost in inaccurate cuts. Machine cutting does not operate with the same high accuracy percentages of laser cutting.
Laser cutting acrylic is a one-step process of manufacturing. It leaves products with neat and smooth edges that do not require further polishing, sanding, or cleaning. Machine cutting usually requires additional processing, which costs time and money. The high strength of laser beams creates natural tempering on edges without creating cracks. Cracking and other types of damage associated with cutting are avoided with laser cutting, so the defective rate of final products is significantly reduced.

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