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Why and how Acrylic Plastic is Used

Acrylic plastics are seen and used almost every day within the business and residential world. Plastic is practical and easy to work with, so it is frequently used. Acrylic is a clear plastic that, from a far, look indistinguishable from glass. The main difference between glass and acrylic are their chemical compositions (which give them vastly different characteristics).

Laser Cutting Plastic

Acrylic comes in one of two types: cell cast or extruded. Acrylic that is extruded is softer and can scratch easier than a cell cast variant; however, it is cheaper to construct and purchase. Cell casted acrylic is a higher quality than extruded versions, but the quality comes with a higher price tag.

Although the practical and aesthetic uses of laser cut acrylic plastic are almost limitless, there are standard applications that the plastic is used for. This includes:

  • Custom display cases for stores and shops
  • Shower doors
  • Bath enclosures
  • Windows
  • Skylights

Acrylic is used in the above applications because of the benefits its boasts over glass. For instance, Acrylic is:

  • Strong: will not shatter, crack, or scratch as easily as glass will
  • Thickness: acrylic can be made thicker than glass, because as the glass is made thicker it takes on a greenish-hue.
  • Ease of Cleaning: fewer chemicals are needed for cleaning acrylic, and there is also less chance of doing damage while cleaning.
  • Easy Customization:  laser cutting acrylic and acrylic tapping give manufacturers almost complete control over designs and final products.

Laser Cutting Plastic

For more information about creating and using acrylic, give us a call.

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