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What It Means To Have A High Standard Of Production & Shipping

Hamlet Products Inc. provides a wide range of services that cover any/all your acrylic and laser cutting needs. It is important to us to be able to say yes to all of our clients no matter what the job. We do this by making beautiful custom pieces for all our clients. We do have stock designs that can easily be customized with your name or whatever text you’d like, or we can construct you a new piece to your exact specifications. Shopping with Hamlet means that you will be getting exactly what you want without compromise. These are just some of the services we provide:

These services have been used to make short run items and large run items. The application of having custom acrylic displays is used for a multitude of purposes. Our work has been used for wall mirrors, party favors, keychain, custom acrylic awards, displays, and even religious gifts. Our services go beyond these applications, and so we can produce you custom work for whatever function you want/need. When we say we do custom work we truly mean it.

Too offer our clients all these great products, without the possibilities of having them shipped safely, makes it almost pointless to do business with a company. Acrylic is strong, but it is not the strongest substance out there, which means that it needs to be shipped with care. We provide specialized packaging for all our finished products, so that they can lie comfortably while being shipped. This allows for your package to be delivered safer. We also can ship nation wide, but we make sure to only use trusted sources in shipping and handling. Our shipping practices allow us to get you your product safely and in a timely fashion.

Shopping with Hamlet means that you are shopping with a trusted name in the custom acrylic business. Let us help to make your next event or function special, or let us help you make a custom display for your store.

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