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What is Acrylic Plastic and How is it Made?

Acrylic is a term that is used for products that contain substances that are derived from acrylic acids or related compounds. When people typically think of acrylic plastic, they envision a transparent, glass-like plastic. Acrylic is also referred to as PMMA (polymethacrylate) and acrylic glass (although it is not glass). The chemical properties found in PMMA make it a better choice than glass for many different applications and environments.

Acrylic is made in one of two ways: extrusion or cell cast. Extruded acrylics are created with a process that uses liquid plastic that is pushed through rollers. Eventually, it is pressed into sheets and cooled. This process is quicker and cheap than cell cast acrylic. Cell cast acrylic is stronger and more durable. It is also harder to scratch. For cell cast production, liquid plastic is fed into a glass mold. This results in a stronger acrylic than extrusion.

There are many advantages found when using acrylic displays instead of using glass, metal, or wood. Wood and glass are harder to maintain, are more expensive, and cannot be customized as easily as acrylic.

Call our talented team today so that we can discuss custom laser cutting acrylic. We work with businesses to create product displays, and we also work with individuals to develop home wall art and party place-settings.

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