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What Can Laser Cutting Plastic Do?

Laser cutting plastic allows for almost endless possibilities. Manufacturers choose to cut plastic with lasers because of the advantages it offers. There are other cutting methods available, but those who can afford laser cutting opt for that. We do laser cutting acrylic because of the potentials it provides. Although laser is frequently used to cut small pieces and prototypes, we use them to cut other parts, like acrylic displays.

Laser cutting plastic
  1. Lasers are guided by high-tech computer programs that have cutting shapes programmed into it. By programming a computer to make cuts, there is less of a chance for human error. When it comes to cutting acrylic plastic, the most common mistakes are human-made. Parts can be continually cut with incredibly high tolerances.
  2. During the laser cutting process, cut parts are smoothed. When cutting acrylic by hand or with power tools, the final piece must be heavily sanded. Laser cutting leaves smooth edges.
  3. Laser cutting is quick and accurate. Lasers can quickly cut through thick acrylic with little to no difficulty.
  4. Laser engraving is possible during the process, which can help final parts to have a unique character and stand out.

Our team does laser cutting plastic for any need. Call our team, so that we can work with you on your custom cut parts.

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