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Using Lasers to Cut Plastic

Lasers are used to cut and shape a variety of different materials. Plastics, like acrylic, are shaped and designed by lasers in order to create ornate goods.  Acrylic is one of the most popular plastics used in the laser cutting industry because of its durability and design capabilities. Other plastics, like polycarbonate, and polyethylene can also be shaped with a laser.

There are many benefits of using laser-cutting machines for cutting and engraving plastics. Users can engrave, etch, tap, and polish plastic products with the assistance of a laser. Laser etching and engraving on plastic is similar to engraving on glass, but the main difference is that with plastic, the engraver has control over the depth of the engraved area. With the laser, plastics can be engraved into signs, displays, or even mounted into trophies.

Laser Cutting PlasticThe most common plastics used in the laser cutting industry are acrylics and plexiglass variations. You can find a wide variety of laser cut acrylic products in everyday life.  Laser cutting acrylic allows objects to be designed in a wide range of thicknesses, colors, and sizes.

Overall, lasers allow designers to shape plastics in a number of different ways, at a very efficient pace.

Laser Cutting Plastic


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