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Using Laser Cutting Equipment Properly and Responsibly

There are many dangers associated with operating lasers and using them to custom cut acrylic. A professional laser cutting company will only hire well-qualified candidates, and then after hiring them they will make them go through extensive training (for safety and machine operations).

The way laser cutting works is simple: amplified light is used to melt or burn designated paths into specific materials. Different lasers come with different powers (25 watts, 50 watts, 75 watts, and 120 watts). The higher the wattage the stronger the laser, but at the same times there are more dangers associated with high wattage machines. These machines might have the power to cut through a good deal of materials, but that doesn't mean all of them should be cut with lasers.

It is very important to remember that only certain materials can be cut with lasers. This includes, cast and extruded acrylic, non-PVC sign vinyl, cork, wood veneer, craft plywood, rubber, and natural leathers are just some of the materials that are okay for use in these machines. Some plastics might look similar in color and feel, but they could have many differences in terms of their chemical make up. If the wrong material is put in a machine to be cut, it could start a fire, cause health risks to employees using the machines, or could even break the machine.  Professional companies know the full range of materials that can and cannot be used. They know you can't engrave or cut:

  • Polyvinylchloride
  • Materials with reflective surfaces
  • Plastics that are made from or with nylon
  • High-density foam
  • Plywood

Using the improper materials can lead to problems with the final product, the lasers, and the people making the cuts. Some of the potential problems that can occur are:

Fire is the biggest and most common problem. Cutting with lasers leads inevitably to sparks or fire, but if the machine is calibrated properly for the types of materials being cut then this problem is nullified. By adjusting speed, ppi setting, and power, an individual can greatly reduce issues of fire. Professionals know that when using lasers it is important to monitor them the entire time they are on. They also know to have safety measures set up just incase something bad does happen.

Harm to humans is always a factor when dealing with high-powered light. Many newer machines are built with safety precautions, but people always must be mindful to not let the light touch their body. The laser beam can cause terrible physical burns and can also do irreversible damage to the eyes.

Trust a personal laser cutting company, so that nothing bad happens to you or your final products.

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