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Unique Uses for Acrylic Display Case

When shopping for custom display cases, the two conventional materials to choose from are glass and acrylic. There are many reasons why an acrylic display case is more practical than their glass counterparts. Some of the benefits of acrylic display cases are:

acrylic display
  • Easy ability to be customized
  • Less likely to break when compared to glass
  • Easy to mount
  • Weigh less than glass cases of the same size
  • Easy to clean
  • The cost is less than glass (up to 50% cheaper)

Considering that acrylic display cases are highly customizable, businesses and individuals find unique ways to use the cases.  Cases have been used to showcase:

  • Unique or special trophies and memorabilia- custom shapes can be made to house things like Olympic torches, hockey sticks, and skis
  • Action figures or collectibles- rows can be built inside cases that the statues are placed in. There they remain secure. Once inside, it is effortless to dust and clean the case without disrupting the figures.
  • Large and small model ships- some model ships are big and will not fit in a traditional display case, so we make custom cases for all sorts of display boats.
  • Taxidermy animals- for those who miss their pets or for game hunters, cases can be built to house the animal. You can show the piece while also keeping it safe and clean.

We laser cut acrylic into any dimensions and shapes you need.

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