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Types of Acrylic Risers

Displaying items properly inside of a store can be the difference between a product selling and staying put. Many studies have been conducted to try and identify shopping habits of consumers. These studies try to determine where items should be placed, how they should be designed, and how much they should roughly cost. At Hamlet Products, we specialize in constructing durable, elegant, and unique display cases to be used for businesses. One our custom products include acrylic display risers. Risers help to elevate and showcase products but leave the products accessible to costumers. Some of our favorite risers include:

  • The most commonly used riser is U-shaped. It has two legs and a flat top. This low-profile acrylic riser is sleek and can be placed almost anywhere.
  • Hollow bottomed risers look like boxes. These risers are harder to tip over than U-shaped versions, but they are more massive and can take up more space.
  • Square or Round pedestals give products a superior feel.

Other risers include:

  • Tiered Step Design
  • Notched Countertop Design (for pens, markers, and electronic cigarets)

We can help design acrylic display cases and risers to fit your exact products and needs. Our team utilized laser cutting acrylic to help make all design options possible.

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