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Try Custom Acrylic Displays Instead of Glass

The two options shop owners have for materials for display cases is acrylic plastic and glass. Both materials offer advantages and disadvantages, but for the sake of business owners, acrylic seems to be the better option. Glass has a level of prestige because it is expensive but other than that acrylic is usually the better material. Below, we will take the time to outline why acrylic displays are a better option for business owners and managers than glass displays.

Acrylic Display

When people think of glass, they think of windows, which are supposed to be transparent. When produced in thin layers, glass is clear, but as it is made thicker, it takes on a greenish hue. Acrylic will stay clear even when made thick. Who wants distorted glass for their display case?

Acrylic is frequently referred to as safer than glass, which is ideal for a work environment. Safety for employees and patrons should be an essential part of a business plan. When an acrylic display is dropped or knocked over it can crack, but it won’t shatter (unlike glass). Shattered glass can damage other items and cut people. Simply put, acrylic is stronger than glass.

Not only is acrylic stronger than glass, but it is also lighter than glass as well.  Transporting it around the shop is not hard because the cases are manageable. You can also leave display cases on top of other items without the fear of crushing or breaking the thing below it.

It is easier to shape, mold, and laser cut acrylic than glass. Laser cutting acrylic allows us to make almost any shapes or designs. Call our team today to bring your ideas to life.

Acrylic Display

Custom acrylic display cases for business are a smart choice.

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