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What is Acrylic?Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Acrylic Display Cases

Different cleaning products and techniques should be used depending on the material and stain type being cleaned. In many cases, using a wrong cleaning product can cause more harm than good. Those that own custom acrylic display cases should be mindful of how they clean the material. Below, we want to take the time to go over a few tips and tricks people should keep in mind when they are cleaning their acrylic displays.

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For light stains or dirt, what we call an easy-clean, requires micro-fiber cloth with a water and soap cleaning solution. Wet the fabric with the cleaning solutions and then lightly blot the surface of the acrylic plastic. Avoid applying too much pressure when wiping. Excessive force can cause light scratches on the surface of the plastic. Use the dry side of the cloth to buff areas. Take the time to buff an area after cleaning it, because a buffed surface reduces the potential for future stains.

Deep cleaning is a bit more of a delicate and elaborate process. Deep cleaning usually requires buff, scrape sand, and flame polish for cleaning displays. For more information on deep cleaning techniques, please give our team a call.

When cleaning, you should always avoid these two things:

  1. Never use paper towels to clean. They might clean dirt or debris, but in its place, it will leave scratches. When cleaning, stick with micro-fiber cloths.
  2. Never use ammonia-based cleaning products (Windex or similar products). Glass cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that do damage to materials. Windex is known to make transparent acrylic look cloudy.

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