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The Wide World of Acrylic Displays

Acrylic displays are all over the place because they look good, are strong, are affordable, and are long-lasting. Acrylic displays are commonly found in retail shops, in restaurants, and even hotels. With laser cutting acrylic, it is possible to make intricate cuts that create complex pieces. We work with all sorts of clients that require specific designs.

Acrylic Display and Laser Cutting Acrylic

When going for a continental breakfast at a hotel or motel, you will probably see much custom-designed acrylic plastic. Juice and water are placed in 5-gallon drink dispensers. Custom designed internal plastic tube holds ice for keeping drinks cold without watering them down. After getting juice, you might make your way over to acrylic bagel bins that are built to be stackable. What would breakfast be without coffee? Most people prefer sugar and half and half in their coffee, which also must be stirred. We produce acrylic coffee creamer stations to help keep everything for coffee organized. Maybe you’ll also need acrylic high-stacks for napkins.

Most retail stores benefit from using acrylic. What people see most are acrylic displays. The two most common displays we make are tower style and enclosed style. Enclosed acrylic displays are great for highlighting and protecting important, rare, or expensive products. Tower style displays allow customers to grab something that your store is highlighting quickly.

There are many different applications for custom acrylic displays. For more information on laser cutting acrylic for business needs, please let our team be your first call.

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