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The Difference between types of Acrylic Display Cases

There is something special about being able to show off exclusive merchandise, prized possession, or valuable relics. When displayed out in the open, there are many risks that the artifact is subject too, and a custom acrylic display case will help guard those pieces against potential danger.

When shopping for acrylic displays, you have many options of case style. Below, we will discuss some of those options:

  1. Case for shelf/wall mount: This is what we would call a stand-alone display case. It is suitable for placement on desks or a floor stand (any stable and flat surface). These same cases can also be mounted on walls because of machined holes for mounting.
  2. Tree display stand: these display cases are often constructed with the technique of laser cutting acrylic. This is a round case that is built with multiple tiers that get smaller as the stand grows.
  3. Knock down display stands: These acrylic displays are similar to tree displays; however, the levels do not decrease in size as more tiers are added.

With the help of laser cutting acrylic, we can make you any custom display case you need. For more information about creating custom cases for your business, a gift, or for the home, call us today.

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