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Should Choose Laser cutting acrylic and Laser cutting Plastic

Laser cutting acrylic is commonly used because of all the benefits it gives users. This type of cutting is unmatched when compared to other forms of cutting. Laser cutting is considered a manufacturing process that eliminates the need for secondary or finishing methods, which saves people time and money. Even when compared to plasma cutting, laser cutting is usually the better choice. Laser cutting plastic is precise and uses less energy than other cutting types.

Lasers Cutting Acrylic

Some of the main advantages of laser cutting include:

It is a non-contact process that significantly reduces the damage to materials being cut. Only lasers touch materials, which causes melting through heat. Laser cutting minimizes costly repairs and secondary finishing processes that are needed by other cutting methods.

Lasers use low power consumptions, which drives up production rates while simultaneously lowering operating costs. Laser cutting acrylic uses 10kW of power, whereas other methods of cutting uses closer to 50kW.

Laser cutting not only increases production times and outcomes, but it also improves safety. Beams that are used for cutting are sealed in a lightbox which makes this cutting safer.

There are many reasons to consider using lasers for cutting plastic. If you want to learn more about this cutting process and how it can benefit you or your business, you should not wait to give our talented team a call.

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