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Remembering your Next Event with Custom Sign-In Books

Throwing a party for friends and family can be a great experience. It could be such a great experience that people would want to document or remember this event. Frequently, people will hire photographers, videographers, and allow people to take their own pictures. These are all well and good, but there is something else that people should consider to keep memories alive for years to come. Consider leaving out a sign-in book for your guests.

Laser Cutting Acrylic

This doesn’t mean you should go to a local office supplies store and pick up a binder and loose-leaf or a marble notebook. Yes, those books will work, but they do not look classy, and they are not personalized. Our laser cutting acrylic options allow you to create unique, beautiful, and personalized sign-in books.

We specialize in four main types of book:

  • Sign In/Photo Albums
  • Deluxe Albums
  • Albums/Mini Albums
  • Custom Albums

Each book type can be customized with personal photos on the cover and throughout the book. Laser cutting acrylic allows us to custom engrave each book with names, dates, and individual messages. No two books, when completed, look the same. We can even design a custom acrylic display to help elevate the importance of the book and signing it.

There are enough pages inside the book to adequately accommodate all the guests that are expected to sign the book. Once the party is over, the book becomes a beautiful part of a home that people leave on coffee tables, on display mantles, or on bookshelves for easy access.

Laser Cutting Acrylic

For more information on our custom creations, do not hesitate to give our team a call.

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