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Recycling Acrylic

Due to the ever growing human population, and its insatiable need for raw materials and resources, it important to pitch in and recycle. There are many different materials that are recyclable once they’ve been used.  Acrylic is a popular material that is found in landfills and dumpsters across the country, when is it could be reused or repurposed. 

The first step towards accurately recycling acrylic is to contact or research your local recycling plant.  Each facility has the capacity to recycle different materials. In smaller areas, there are limited recycling programs.

Although most small recycling plants cannot recycle acrylic, there are some types of acrylic that can be repurposed at an appropriate facility. Polymethyl acrylate and Polymethyl methacrylate are two recyclable variants of acrylic.

After the acrylic has been recycled, it is molded into sheets that are useful for a wide range of applications.  For example, recycled acrylic has been used in the construction of windows, doors, fluorescent lamps, and even chandeliers. You are also able to find recycled acrylic in the medical and automotive sectors.

Learning more about acrylic is the best way to recycle the material properly. For more information, try to contact a laser cutting acrylic specialist, to see what they do with their scrap acrylic.

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