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Reasons to Consider Acrylic Plastic over Glass

It’s hard to walk around without seeing some acrylic plastic. It is a very common material that serves in a wide range of applications because of all the benefits it boasts. Simply put, it is a useful choice for replacing expensive and fragile glass. Acrylic plastic is shatter resistant and sturdy. It is robust enough to be used in military applications, like helmet visors, canopies, and periscopes. Our team does laser cutting acrylic to ensure that you get the exact products you need.

Laser Cutting Acrylic

Although acrylic plastic is used in military applications, it is more commonly found in stores as acrylic displays, hanging as decorations (acrylic wall-art), and even acrylic decorations and gifts. There are many reasons that manufacturers use acrylic. Benefits include:

Acrylic is durable: glass is known to crack, chip, and shatter when dropped or banged. Acrylic can break, but it takes more energy to break the material. Acrylic is known to crack instead of shattering (like glass), which makes acrylic safer to use. Acrylic plastic is used to build aquarium tanks and cars. Shop owners use acrylic displays because they work well in shops that are heavily trafficked.

Acrylic is weather-resistant: acrylic is tough enough to withstand harsh elements without breaking or losing color. It is common to find outdoor signs made of this material because they look great for prolonged periods. Acrylic plastic has amazing light-reflecting and weather resistance properties.

Acrylic is lightweight: when compared to glass of a similar thickness, acrylic weighs substantially less than glass. In fact, it is up to 50% lighter than glass.

Laser Cutting Acrylic

For more information on creating custom acrylic, please do not hesitate to give our team a call.

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