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Precision Cutting Acrylic with Lasers

Out of all the options for industrial cutting, lasers produce the cleanest and most accurate cut. Of course, laser cutting requires more time, energy, and money than other forms of cutting, but the end results are completely worth it. This is especially the case when laser cutting acrylic.

acrylic cutting

The cheapest option for cutting are manual options. This includes scissors and hand saws. It is very difficult to cut with these tools, and there is no guarantee you will have uniformity amongst your products.

The next best option is power tools, like table saws, coping saws, and band saws. These tool work great on the fly, but they are not efficient or practical for cutting complex and unique shapes. These saws would also damage acrylic.

Another option is die cutting. This form of cutting only works on sheet materials, and it works like a cookie cutter. Custom dies are created, and these dies are pressed into a material. This type of cutting can make complex cuts. This process is expensive, and it is hard to make variations after a die has been created.

Laser cutting is your best option when it comes to laser cutting acrylic, or creating custom acrylic displays. This cutting is tough and has a tight tolerance. It is extremely easy to porotype parts for quick turnaround times.

When looking for custom engraved or cut acrylic, only trust companies who cut with lasers.

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