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Laser Cutting Plastic for Acrylic Display

Acrylic Display

There are several options to chose from when customizing acrylic plastic. Laser cutting plastic is an excellent choice because of the precision and flexibility. If you want to create the highest quality product out there, consider using lasers.

The use of lasers in plastic cutting is a relatively new technology. It was not until the late 1960s that lasers were recognized as a valuable tool. Today, lasers are an essential technology for many different industries. Some industries that have taken advantage of lasers for their cutting needs are medical, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.

Lasers are a popular technology because of the many added benefits they provide. Lasers offer businesses various problem-solving capabilities and creative manufacturing. Other more conventional methods of cutting may not be able to provide some of the attributes that lasers can.

Lasers are a single point cutting source. The point of a laser is incredibly small, ranging from 0.001 to 0.020 inches in diameter. The precision lasers provide is attributed to its exceptionally small point. Due to their “forceless” nature, lasers have the ability to process thin or fragile materials with minimal support or tooling. Additionally, lasers are an excellent tool for intricate patterns and shapes to be cut because of their flexibility. When cutting plastic, adjusting the program controls of the laser can quickly change the design.

Acrylic Displays

We specialize in custom building acrylic displays with the help of lasers. We can help you design products from scratch, so call us today.

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