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Non-Display Products

At Hamlet Products, we use laser cutting acrylic to create custom-made acrylic stands and displays for businesses of all sorts. We are recognized for our ability to make custom and unique designs to fit the aesthetic and practical needs of our clients. When calling Hamlet Products, a human will answer, and they can help you begin the process of creating custom acrylic displays. For instance, we make custom displays for e-cigarette shops, so that they can easily showcase smoking products. Our custom displays are also commonly found in eyeglass shops because they make it alluring and easy to access glass for trying on.

Although we are known for our custom acrylic displays, we are equally as talented at producing other types of custom acrylic work. By using CNC routing, laser cutting/etching, and silk screening, we can make almost any idea come to life. We can produce small or single batch goods, or we can process up to 50,000 pieces. Besides displays, we also offer:

  1. Sign in books
  2. Acrylic Wall Mirror Art
  3. Acrylic Giftware (custom engraving)
  4. Customized Acrylic Awards
  5. Theater Gifts
  6. Sign in Boards
  7. Key Chains
  8. Religious gifts
  9. Party Favors and Accessories
  10. And more!

Our gifted team will work with you from scratch to design and build custom laser cut acrylic parts. Even if you just have an idea, we can help you develop it and make it come to life.

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