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Learn how to take Care of Your Laser Cut Acrylic Parts

Many manufacturers and shop owners will use acrylic because it is stronger and less expensive than glass. Those individuals who use acrylic do not do so as a cheap alternative to glass, but instead as a better option (an option that gives users more benefits). For instance:

acrylic cutting display, Laser cutting acrylic

Acrylic is impact resistant: Glass is not

Acrylic stays transparent: Glass does not

Acrylic is lightweight: Glass is not

Acrylic is weather resistant: Glass is not

Acrylic is easily shaped and fabricated: Glass is neither

Most who use laser cut acrylic immediately recognize the benefits, and so they tend to continue using acrylic over glass. If you use or own acrylic, it must be maintained in specific ways.

Harsh solvents/cleaners can harm acrylic glass, and so they should never be used while cleaning. Commercial plastic cleaners, or soap and water, should be enough to get debris and dirt.

It is essential to not use abrasive cloths for cleaning. When cleaning, only use microfiber or lint-free cloths that will not scratch the acrylic.

For nasty stains, like oil, tar, or grease, try using commercial grade kerosene or hexane. If using a solvent like this, make sure to wipe it clean with fresh water after use.

You do not want to store acrylic in temperatures exceeding 100 °F. Try to avoid keeping the plastic stored in direct sunlight.

It is possible to restore or repair acrylic plastic. Plastic or car polishes are frequently used to buff out any small cracks, haziness, or scratches. When acrylic begins to crack, which it can do over time, it is possible to drill into the material and to fill the hole with a silicone sealant.

Getting laser cutting acrylic parts is cost-effective and efficient when compared to glass. Maintaining the plastic is important because improper use or storage can ruin or break your acrylic cutting display.

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