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Lasers for Cutting Acrylic

There are several different methods to cut acrylic plastic, but no method is as accurate as laser cutting acrylic. This method offers users many benefits that cannot be matched by traditional cutting methods. This method of cutting is widely used for many different industries. Laser Cutting Acrylic Laser cutting is done on a wide range of different material, and acrylic plastic is one of those materials. Cutting with lasers offers high-speed and high-accuracy cutting while not sacrificing accurate positioning. Typically, acrylic is cut into displays, craft gifts, picture frames, packaging, and more.

When cutting with conventional mechanical cutting, several steps must be taken, which leaves edges  not neat or smooth after cutting. After cutting like this, manufacturers must perform subsequent cleaning. Another common problem with mechanical cutting is that during cutting plastic can crack. Laser cutting is a one-step process that ensures final products will look and feel great.

Although laser cutting acrylic is quick and accurate, some factors could partially slow down the process. This includes:

  • The thickness of acrylic being cut
  • The output power of lasers being used
  • The thermal expansion of materials

We happily work with all of our customers on a one-on-one basis, meaning that we help build custom designed acrylic parts. We commonly make acrylic displays for retail businesses and the food industry. Acrylic plastic is stronger, lighter, and cheaper than glass displays, and so that is why many people turn to acrylic. If you are interested in acrylic displays, you should call us to find out more about custom projects.

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