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Lasers are rather Beneficial

The ability to make specialty products with a short run time has become increasingly important in the digital age. Lasers play a giant role in making amazing products quickly. Companies are using lasers to help with die cutting. Die cutting has been used for many decades, but it is only recently that laser systems have been added to the process. This has allowed for die cutting to become more efficient, economical, and, effective.

There are two main categories, in which die cutting lasers can be broken up into. The two categories describe the ways in which the beams are delivered. The first system is called gantry lasers. This type of laser is sometimes referred too as an XY plotter system. It is called this because the motions made are in a XY motion. Depending on the machine, either the laser, sheet material, or both are moved. The laser only works within a predetermined area. You begin to see the benefits of this machine when working in wide formats, which is considered 600mm or bigger. It can also do a great job of cutting thicker materials: materials bigger than 800 microns. This system also allows for tight tolerance cutting. This can be drastically important, depending on what you are making.

A Galvo or Galvonometer uses angled mirrors to move a stationary laser beam. The beam can be moved to cut within a designated cutting area. Different machines come with different cutting sizes. This laser system uses a Co2, where as the Gantry system uses semi-sealed lasers. The Galvo system is much quicker than the other laser system and this is largely due to the elimination of operator errors. This is achieved through advancing software technologies. This system is quick, efficient, and inexpensive. In the last five years, more developments have been made in galvonometer technology than in XY plotting systems. This is largely due to the software advancements made.

When it comes to cutting acrylic, laser cutting acrylic could be the best option. The precession, efficiency, and cost allow for companies to make specially produced acrylic. Custom work can be made, and with the help of new computer software this process is rather simple. Old methods of acrylic cutting and acrylic tapping are still utilized today, when the job calls for it, but it is more common to find the lasers being used. Find out about how lasers can help you cut the best acrylic.

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