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What Is Laser Cutting Acrylic?

Laser cutting is an incredible process in which lasers are used to cut materials, such as acrylic and metal. For those with shaky hands, and who are bad with scissors, laser cutting is for you. Laser cutting is usually done for industrial manufacturing, but has practice use for the average person. If you have ever went to school, worked at a small business, or you have a hobby, then chances are you’ve seen and handled something that was either completely or partially made with laser cutting.

laser cutting acrylicLaser cutting is made possible by directing the beam of high-powered lasers. With the help of computers, which speak to the lasers, this is all possible. While laser cutting acrylic the material melts, burns, vaporizes, or is pushed away by a jet of gas. What is left is a smooth high-quality finished product. You can either have flat-sheet materials or materials with a 3d structure.

Laser cutting is an incredibly process, and acrylic is a particularly versatile material for engraving and cutting. The properties of the materials lend itself to the ease of cutting as well as smoothness of finished products. Any colors can be added to the materials, and so really you can get exactly what you need.

Laser cutting acrylic is great tool for personal use, as well as for industrial applications. See all the different options that you have for yourself when it comes to laser cutting.

Hamlet Products uses laser cutters to create items to your specifications. Our five state-of-the art lasers, from 50 to 500 watts, can cut acrylic to tolerances of .001.

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