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FAQ: Laser Cutting Acrylic and Laser Cutting Plastic

Laser cutting shares some similarities with other cutting processes, but it is different enough to call for its use over the other types of cutting. Laser cutting is usually more expensive than other cutting methods but the benefits, in many cases, is worth the cost. Lasers allow for detailed and complex cuts that are smooth (without needing finishing). Laser cutting plastic is more exact the precise than other cutting methods. If you want to learn about laser cutting plastic, you should give our team a call.

Laser Cutting Plastic

How does laser cutting work?

The process works by using high-focused and high-powered laser beams that run through the material to make clean and smooth cuts. We use both pulsed and continuous wave cutting depending on the needs of our clients. First, a laser will make a hole in the plastic, and it will continue the cut from that spot. We control the beam’s length, its heat output, and its intensity. We make cutting decisions based on the thickness of materials used and shapes of the cuts.

What advantages are had when using laser cutting?

The control of lasers is not matched by drilling or sawing. Laser cutting is smooth, so it needs no secondary finishing applications. Laser cutting plastic is the quickest way to cut when compared to other methods.

If you have any specific questions about how laser cutting plastic works or how you can receive help from it, you should not hesitate to give us a call. We are pros at laser acrylic cutting.


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