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How Lasers Have Changed

It was not until 1965 that lasers were used as cutting machines. The first productions of these types of cutting machines were designed to drill into diamond dies. The first device was produced by the WEERC (Western Electric Engineering Research Center). Over the years, the technology grew, and by the 70s, manufacturers were using lasers used to cut materials like titanium (utilized in the aerospace industry). CO2 lasers came about next, and these lasers were able to cut non-metals.

Laser beams are created with electrical discharges that stimulate lasing materials within a closed container. Mirrors are then used to increase the strength of the monochromatic coherent light. The beam will come to a lens that is designed to focus the light on a work area. The diameter of the beam can change depending on the intended cut.

Laser cutting provides many advantages over mechanical cutting. The technology allows for individuals to save time and money. Lasers are likely to:

  1. Not contaminate a work piece
  2. Increase the precision of cuts (especially intricate cuts)
  3. Reduce possibility of material warping

Using lasers to cut acrylic allows for businesses and individuals to create beautiful display cases. As the technology continues to increase, the effectiveness of the process goes up, and the overall cost goes down. Consider laser cutting acrylic for your next project.

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