Award winning Acrylic stands, and displays that are all custom made for your satisfaction. Please browse our latest online acrylic display product catalogue.
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Full Customization for Acrylic Displays

Our manufacturing processes, including laser cutting acrylic and CNC routing, allow us to create unique and specialized custom acrylic displays. We work on an individual basis with all our clients to ensure that we can generate the display case you have in mind. In our time in business, we have created displays for a wide spectrum of different uses. Regardless of what you are looking for, we can help you build it.

We can create variations of general counter stands. These displays function as risers, and your product or display will sit on top of it. We frequently make three-sided risers in over five different shapes. Depending on your needs, we can alter the size and thickness of acrylic.

Locking showcases are fully enclosed display cases. These custom display cases offer extra security not found with counter stands.

We also make:

  1. Literature Holders
  2. Food and Drink Dispensers
  3. Light Base
  4. Turntables
  5. Cosmetic and Appeal Displays
  6. Cell Phone Displays

We can custom create acrylic displays for other purposes as well. You can call us with basic designs or ideas, and we can build your display or case from there. Using laser cutting acrylic, we can make your custom acrylic display cases.


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