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Frequently Asked Questions about Acrylic

What is acrylic made out of?

Acrylic is a translucent thermoplastic that is derived from natural gas products. It known as a ply acrylate and is primarily composed of methyl methacrylate and poly methacrylate resin. 

How should acrylic be cleaned?

Acrylic is extremely simple to maintain and clean. In most cases, a gentle cleaning agent that is rubbed on with a anti-static cloth does the trick. Harsh chemicals should never be used to clean messes or scratches on acrylic

How can scratches be removed?

Removing an acrylic scratch is easily accomplished. There are many scratch care products available that can mitigate surface scratches in acrylic.

Can acrylic melt?

Acrylic is very resistant to heat and does not melt until it reaches 320 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is extremely uncommon to melt acrylic in a household setting. To be overtly cautions, limit the proximity of an acrylic item to an open flame.

Can acrylic be reshaped or bent?

Once an acrylic product has been formed, it is very difficult to change its physical shape. Acrylic is typically laser cut into a specific fashion, and is meant to remain that way for the duration of its use.

If you are interested in acrylic, laser cutting acrylic, or more commonly asked question, contact a local laser cutting acrylic specialist for more information.

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