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Frequently Asked Questions about Acrylic and Acrylic Laser Cutting

Are you thinking about acquiring custom acrylic display cases or another acrylic plastic item? For some, it is a hard decision between glass and acrylic. We regularly hear similar questions from many of the clients we work with. We want to take the time to answer a few of the most common issues we come across.

I have heard that acrylic plastic will start to become yellow after several years, is that true? Acrylic plastics have built-in UV protection. Ultraviolet stabilizers allow acrylic sheets to stray fully transparent for 10+ years (in some cases indefinitely).

Acrylic and laser cutting plastic

Can I use commercial cleaners on my acrylic? Avoid using commercial brand cleaners, like Windex. A product like that contains ammonia, which will harm your plastic. It can cause fine scratching, yellowing, or hazing.

Is acrylic non-conductive? In its standard state, it is conductive. Spray coating is available for non-conductive applications.

Must I order more than one piece when placing custom orders? We want to work with you to make your visions come true. We will process one or more custom orders.

What do I do if I scratch my acrylic? If the nick can be felt with your fingernail, it will require some buffing or sanding to bring the shine and life back to the plastic. Be careful and watch instructional videos before attempting to fix your scratches. Even deep scratches can be sanded out.

We know custom acrylic cutting, and so we can help you bring and shape your design to life. We utilize laser cutting acrylic to make unique and precise cuts. Call us for more information.

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