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Endless Possibilities when Laser Cutting Acrylic Displays

With the help of computer-guided lasers, acrylic plastic can be cut into custom shapes with unique colors and markings. Businesses that are selling/displaying items benefit from the practicality and customizability of custom acrylic displays. Regardless of what you are placing, professional acrylic cutting companies can create custom designs to help make placement easy and eye-catching.

One of the most commonly used acrylic displays is a business card holder. Holders can be designed to show multiple cards. For instance, a company with multiple representatives might want to place everyone's card in an easily controllable display case.

Other common acrylic displays include:

  • Cosmetic Displays
  • Pen Displays
  • Risers
  • Eyewear Displays
  • Floor Fixture
  • Book Displays
  • Cell Phone Displays
  • Jewelry Displays
  • Food Dispensers/Trays
  • Literature/Brochure Display

A lesser-known use of custom-made acrylic is unique mirrors. Lasers can cut intricate shapes in to acrylic, which allows storeowners to mount interesting mirrors on walls and to display them on cases. Customizing acrylic is practical, but it also allows for a store to stay creative and unique.

If you are interested in custom acrylic displays, you do not need to have a strong background in design or computer design. With the help of professionals, you can create custom displays from scratch.

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