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Different types of Acrylic Displays

If you are in the market for a display case, an acrylic variation is a great option that will highlight an item while keeping it safe. Clear acrylic display cases allow you to show off a product while protecting it at the same time because the material is both transparent and durable.  Acrylic is also a very customizable medium, which means it can be made to fit specific needs and spaces. Acrylic displays are built to last and attract attention to different passersby.  There are many different types of acrylic displays that are used in a wide variety of fields.

Jewelry stores use acrylic display stands to highlight new pieces, necklaces, and to group like items.  The laser cut, acrylic displays create multi-dimensional displays that can be equipped with latches and lights in order to enhance the display

Many pet stores use laser cut acrylic products as homes and displays for their pets. Aquariums, and terrariums are primarily designed with acrylic because the material is able to withstand the wear and tear of housing a small fish, reptile, or amphibian.  Most pet shops choose acrylic designs because of the durability and longevity of the product.

If you are looking to purchase an acrylic display contact a local laser cutting acrylic specialist for more info.

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