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Different Styles of Acrylic Holders

Laser cutting Acrylic is a versatile design process that can create a number of different goods and materials. If you want to display a piece of paper, acrylic holders are the product to use!

Business cards:

If have a shop that people can walk into, keeping a laser cut acrylic business holder near the register is a great way for people to take your contact information. You can also display other companies’ business cards with a multi tiered holder.

Drawing Suggestion and Comment Card Boxes:

Laser cut acrylic comment card boxes are ideal for companies who want their customers feed back.  With these boxes, a customer can walk in, and fill out a small survey with tips and thoughts on your business practices.

Outdoor Brochure Holders:

Outdoor brochure holders are heavy duty and waterproof. These displays are great for storing trail maps and brochures in an outdoor setting because the contents inside are safe from the outside elements.

Standard display cases and Acrylic holders are typically fashioned from laser cutting. There are a wide variety of acrylic holders that are designed to display a number of different items. The customization options are endless, so contact an acrylic laser cutter today.

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