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Different Facts about Acrylic

There are a number of different uses for acrylic plastic because it boasts so many different boons. You will notice the use of acrylic in so many different places and industries. The remainder of this article will be devoted to telling you why this is the case.

Acrylic Display

Acrylic plastic was created in 1877 and was made with polymethyl methacrylate. Although it was invented in the late 1800s, it wasn't until the early 1930s that the product was used in commercial production. Now, it is made from different acrylic acids, although the most popular is still polymethyl. The process of making these plastics is still rather difficult which is why trained professionals, who only handle making acrylic, play an important role in the process.  When making acrylic, toxic fumes are produced and must be handled properly. This is crucial in the process, to avoid injury to the employees and the environment.

The characteristics of this plastic is what makes it strong and durable. The plastic is completely weather resistant, resistant to detergents, resistant to acid/chemicals, and still manages to give optical clarity. This is the glass used.

The weight of acrylic is much lighter than glass; this being another reason that you will find it in a handful of different locations. The cost of transporting goes down considering the need for heavy loading and transportation equipment not being needed.

The quality of clearness that is found with acrylic is almost unmatched. Acrylic can be made to be rather thick while not losing its transparency. Glass, on the other hand, takes on a green tinting as it is made thicker. Acrylic is used for display screens and aquarium glass.

Safety glass is a glass that is made with special properties to remain strong, but the process of making this glass is usually more expensive than creating strong acrylic plastics.  

This type of plastic can look clear like glass, but in the process of making it, colors can be added. Acrylic plastic can be made to have a multitude of different colors based on what the plastic is needed for. This allows for different companies to use acrylic to make beautiful products for the home. Some stores and businesses use colored acrylic for display cases, which adds a beautiful and welcoming touch to any store or business.

The option is almost endless when it comes to creating acrylic plastic. Through possibilities of laser cutting acrylic and acrylic tapping, any shape can be designed for any purpose.

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