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Difference Between Different Types of Display Cases

When displaying valuable items in a shop, it must be done in a way that will protect products while not obscuring sight. Display cases allow owners to showcase different products while ensuring that item remains safe. These cases let customers know something is special while also preventing anyone from picking the item up. This keeps it clean and far away from drops and bangs.

Shopping for acrylic display cases can be difficult because of some options on the market. Standard cases include:

  • Cubed cases with base
  • Cubed cases without base
  • Slanted front case
  • Display case with hinged lid

Cases come in different sizes and length. Cases can also be customized with special characteristics. You can purchase:

  • Doll cases and stands
  • Action figure cases
  • Clamshell display case
  • Acrylic domes
  • Display risers
  • Car display cases
  • Acrylic apparel and jewelry display

For additional security, it is possible to have cases built with locking systems. This requires someone with a key to open the case. This is usually used for products that are expensive or easy to steal.

Laser cutting acrylic makes it possible for individuals to create custom acrylic displays. These cases are perfect for showcasing items while also keeping them safe.

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