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Custom Acrylic Display and Theater Gifts

Being in a theater production, whether a student in school, as an amateur in a local theater, or a professional on or near Broadway, is an extraordinary moment in an individual's life. From start to finish, a production can take upwards of several months, and then all of a sudden it is over.  Being able to have a memorable gift from that production is an excellent way to always remember the time you acted, directed, or built sets for a play.

Acrylic Display

There are not enough props to be distributed after a play, and even if there were, none of the products would be marked with the date and name of production.

A great option for helping a cast to remember a production is to create and distribute theater gifts. There are different options to consider when shopping for these gifts. It is important to know that with the power and controllability of lasers, custom markings are easily made. Regardless of the type or style of gift, each can have custom text permanently engraved.

Standard theater gifts include:

  • Comedy and Tragedy wall plaque
  • Key Chains
  • CD Cases
  • Signs
  • Stars

Acrylic Displays and Acrylic Cutting

Each of the above product can be completely customized. Laser cutting acrylic is an excellent way to remember a special occasion. Businesses can even benefit from custom acrylic displays. Consider acrylic cutting today.

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