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Custom Laser Engraving

Marking products with custom designs or text make final products to be special and unique. Whether for business, gifts, or personal use, you should consider custom markings. There are different methods of marking materials, but laser engraving is one of the most accurate and efficient methods of marking.

A laser engraving machine has two integral parts
the laser: this is the component of the device responsible for making cuts. It emits a hot beam that allows for engraving.

A controller (a computer): Without a controller, precision cuts could not be made. The controller gives users uncanny control over the laser beam, which allows for intricate designs and larger texts. It monitors the intensity of the beams, the speed of cuts, the path of the beam.

Laser engraving is performed on different materials, which makes the process incredibly versatile. Typical materials include:

Coated metals
Wood (hard/soft)

Out of all the materials above, laser cutting acrylic is the most popular. This is because the chemical composition of the material is most suitable for laser engraving. Acrylic cutting companies have the machinery necessary to engrave custom designs and text.

If you are in business, and you want to offer unique products, consider laser engraving. If you are giving a gift, make it unique and extraordinary.

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