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Custom Acrylic Fabrication for All Needs

Acrylic is a highly versatile material because it is durable, has minimal weight, and can achieve perfect transparency. With laser cutting acrylic, we can manufacture almost any design or shape. Our goal is to bring the functionality and aesthetic qualities of acrylic to consumers and businesses across the United States. We are known for our:

  • Custom acrylic POP displays- Most shops can benefit from displaying goods or valuables inside or on top of POP displays. How products are presented in a store can significantly affect a consumer shopping habit. Many managers want to highlight particular items, and there are few better ways than with acrylic displays. Some individuals believe that glass displays are more elegant than plastic, but you must remember that glass scratches and breaks much easier than acrylic. Glass is also more expensive.
  • Custom card holders- For businesses to thrive, they need to create a relationship with customers that keeps them coming back. An easily accessible card allows customers to grab them unprompted. Give your customers something to remember your shop or office. We make custom displays, so you can decide how many spaces for cards, how big the stand is, and the color.
  • Custom wall displays- It is not uncommon to find acrylic art hanging in a home or as a decoration at a party/event. Displays can be made in any design, from sports to animals, to abstract designs. We work with each our customer to create beautiful and durable pieces of acrylic art.
Custom Laser Cutting Acrylic
As custom acrylic fabricators, we will make your vision come to life. Laser cutting acrylic allows us to create unique and beautiful designs.

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