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Custom Acrylic Table Toppers

When throwing a party/event that requires designated seating, it is important to clearly mark where people are supposed to be. The easiest method would be to assign each table a number, and to tell individuals which number is theirs. Putting numbers on tables and on a name card is easy and inexpensive, but it lacks creative and beauty. You should strongly consider making custom acrylic table toppers that allow people to have colorful and fun seating arraignments.

Not only do custom acrylic table toppers add creativity to table design, but they allow you to easily incorporate tables design to match the themes of a party or room. For instance, if throwing a party that is sports themed, you can make each table a different sport. Using equipment from each sport, custom acrylic can be easily designed to fit the theme. When a person arrives and picks up their name card, they will see a soccer ball and they will know to go to the table with the soccer ball.

Regardless of theme, custom acrylic can be designed to fit any needs, and this even includes custom name/date engraving. Make you next party unique and creative with beautifully designed custom acrylic displays.

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