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Consider Using Acrylic Plastic

Acrylic plastic can be summed up as a hard, transparent plastic that is frequently used as an alternative to glass. People commonly call acrylic plastic by the trademark Plexiglass™. There are several other names for this material, but they all have the same chemical composition. Acrylic is a synthetic polymer (polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA). This strong material began being used during World War 2 for many different military purposes, but since that time businesses and people have begun to use the material for a wide array of different purposes. There is more than one reason why so many people utilize acrylic plastic.

Acrylic display

It can be more transparent that glass. One signature feature of glass is that it is totally see through. This is only the case when glass is not thick. When producing thick glass, the final product takes on a greenish hue. Acrylic does not turn green.

Glass can shatter and acrylic does not. Acrylic plastic has a very high level of impact resistance. The tensile strength of acrylic is greater than 10,000 lbs. per square inch. That makes acrylic seventeen times stronger than ordinary glass.

Acrylic works well in outdoor environments. Acrylic is great for windows, lens, and car headlights. This material is able to withstand strong UV rays. Wind and rain will not harm the plastic.

We can do almost all types of acrylic cutting, including constructing acrylic displays.

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