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Comparing Glass and Acrylic

If you look around your home, there is a high chance you will come across many different products that are made from glass and acrylic. Glass and acrylic are often interchangeable materials that are used in many different fields and industries. It is common to use acrylic and glass as fish tanks, tableware, furniture inserts, and even jewelry. There are many different materials that can be laser cut, but the two most popular materials are glass and acrylic. When comparing glass to acrylic there are many different variables to consider.

Scratching:  Glass is a difficult material to scratch and is only damaged usually by a harder material and a significant amount of pressure.  In comparison, Acrylic is more prone to scratching and can be damaged by jewelry, purses, or backpacks.  Although acrylic is easier to damage, it is much simpler to repair when scratched.  There are many polishes on the market that can repair a scratch in acrylic.

Weight: Glass is a denser material than acrylic, and subsequently weighs more. A glass item will weigh 4-10 times more than an acrylic counterpart.  Acrylic products are much lighter than glass and can be transported easily.

Breaking: Glass is a material that shatters and cracks easily.  A sharp impact or drop will undoubtedly shatter or crack a piece of glass. Acrylic is much stronger than glass and can withstand harsh falls and impacts. The amount of force needed to break acrylic is much greater than the amount needed to break a piece of glass.

Shaping: Glass is a rigid and brittle material that is difficult to shape.  When glass is curved, it often bends light, which magnifies the appearance of items on the other side.  Acrylic is an easily molded material that can be formed into many different shapes and sizes. There is many different ways work with acrylic: it can be cut, drilled, or even tapped. Acrylic tapping is a simple process where a tap is used to cut threads in a hole for a bolt.  Standard taps can be used in acrylic tapping applications.

If you are interested in learning more about glass or acrylic, it is best to contact a glass or acrylic worker in the local area. An expert on glass and acrylic will help you learn more about the versatile materials, how they are made, and what type of products they can turn into.

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