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Commonly Asked Questions about Acrylic Displays

Is acrylic as strong as glass?

Acrylic is stronger than glass, and that is why it is frequently used for commercial purposes. Acrylic is two to three times more impact resistant than a double strength glass, and acrylic is up to 5x more impact resistant than wire glass. If you need a transparent and robust display, you should consider acrylic over glass.

Acrylic Display

What primary benefits does acrylic have when compared to glass?

Besides being stronger, acrylic is more impact resistant, lighter in weight, and more shatter resistant. Acrylic is also easier to be formed and fabricated when compared to glass. Typically, acrylic is less expensive as well.

Is acrylic plastic non-conductive?

Standard acrylic is considered a conductive material; however, with a simple spray coating, acrylic can be made non-conductive.

Will acrylic sheets turn yellow after a year or two?

Acrylic plastic is manufactured with UV protection (ultra-violet stabilizers). When properly maintained, acrylic sheets can last more than ten years without ever yellowing. Using appropriate cleaning solutions is essential for preserving full-transparency. Commercial glass cleaning sprays usually contain ammonia, which will cause yellowing.

What is the best method for cutting acrylic plastic displays?

Of all the options for forming, laser cutting acrylic is the most appropriate. It offers manufacturers the ability to make intricate, precise, and consistent cuts. Other forms of cutting, like saw blades, require extra steps like finishing before plastic can be shipped.

Can Hamlet build acrylic display cases with special features?

Yes, we can. Using lasers allows us to meet the unique needs of our clients, regardless of their request. For more information on designing displays, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

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