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Common Business Tools Made from Acrylic

Acrylic can be found in most places that people frequent, whether that be residential, commercial, or entertainment. Acrylic glass is used to build tanks and enclosures at aquariums and zoos because it is durable and can be made thick without taking on a greenish color (like glass). It is used to build cars, home acrylic wall art, and as decorations at special events. Laser cutting acrylic makes it possible to create beautiful and unique shapes and designs.

The most common place for a person to see acrylic is in commercial shops. Custom acrylic displays are inexpensive, strong, and do a great job of highlighting important or valuable merchandise.

custom acrylic displays

Everyday acrylic items found in shops include:

Acrylic business card holders: when checking out, it is common to see stands holding business cards. These are typically made from acrylic. We custom design stands to hold large amounts of cards, and we also add tiers to the stand to highlight different cards.

Acrylic literature stands: if you sell books, magazines, or other similar items, these stands are perfect for your business. Similar stands made from glass, wood, or metal tend to cost more and not be as durable.

Acrylic ballot boxes: these boxes are commonly used for three things in a commercial setting -  for contests, for leaving information, or for leaving comments.

Acrylic display case: these are the most commonly used acrylic products for business. We sell enclosed cases that highlight and protect items, as well as open acrylic displays that allow customers to quickly access merchandise.

With laser cutting acrylic, we bring almost any design to life. Give us a call to talk about acrylic and how it can help your business.

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