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Co2 Vs. Fiber Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is an impressive industry that is capable of creating many different products. There are two forms of popular laser cutting: Co2 laser cutting and fiber laser cutting. There are pros and cons to each different type of technology. This article will give a brief overview on the two different types of laser cutters, and what applications they are most beneficial for.

Fiber Laser Cutting

laser cutting acrylic

Fiber Laser cutting is made possible by banks of diodes. Light is focused and amplified through fiber optic cables, and is focused by a lens towards a material. The directed beam of light is able to accurately cut the material in order to procure a specific shape.  The Fiber optic laser is 200% more efficient that a CO2 laser because the machine is much simpler. There are no optical mirrors, and the focusing lens is sealed in the cutting head. There are many benefits for fiber laser cutting:

Co2 Laser Cutter

The carbon dioxide laser (Co2 laser) was one of the first gas lasers to be invented, and it is still one of the most applicable.  This laser is the highest-power continuous wave lasers on the market and is an incredibly efficient machine.  There are many benefits to the Co2 laser

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