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CO2 Laser Cutting Acrylic

Creating memorable gift becomes that much easier when the gift has custom engravings. These markings can be small or large, plentiful or minimal. Engraving custom acrylic products is usually done with the help of lasers (CO2 Laser).

Acrylic has properties that make it attract and absorb specific wavelengths of light. A CO2 laser puts out light energy at approximately 10.5 microns, which also happens to be the perfect wavelength for cutting into and through the plastic. In essence, the acrylic soaks up the light energy from the laser.

High watt CO2 lasers cut through acrylic to make custom shapes, like when making custom acrylic displays, whereas small watt lasers are better suited for engraving. For both cutting and engraving, the laser vaporizes the plastic.

Acrylic Cutting

Considering that acrylic plastic is transparent, engraving on both sides can lead to some rather stunning designs. Carving into the back gives text or images an amazing dimensional quality. Overall, most people think it enhances the look of the final piece.

Cutting acrylic is best left to the professionals. Acrylic can quickly melt, and so jobs must be conducted with the right tools and utter care.  The best type of acrylic cutting is laser cutting acrylic.

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