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Working With Acrylic

There are many different ways to work with acrylic. It can be cut, drilled, tapped, bended, finished, and glued.  Acrylic products can be made by amateur craftsmen, or by large industrious factories.  It is easy to work with acrylic; you just have to understand its properties in order to handle the material.  This article will offer some advice regarding how to work with acrylic.

Understanding acrylic.

In order to properly use acrylic, you have to understand the material. Acrylic is a clear plastic material that has an appearance similar to glass. It is an excellent substance that has a wide range of applications
Acrylic is often used over glass because it is half the weight of glass, is stronger, is more impact resistant, offers better insulation, and has a better transparency rating.

The main disadvantaged of Acrylic is that it does not transfer heat efficiently. Under extreme heat, acrylic melts, which can ruin your product.

Cutting Acrylic:

The most popular method of shaping acrylic is cutting.  There are many different ways to cut acrylic, but regardless of which cutting method you choose, you always have to avoid overheating your acrylic. One popular method of cutting is with a laser jet.  Acrylic laser cutting uses a high-powered beam to design acrylic with extreme precision and accuracy. By using lasers, acrylic designers can draw intricate details and manufacture complex shapes.

Acrylic can also be cut with a saw blade that is specially designed. The average acrylic blade has fine teeth, that are evenly spaced, and of the same height. When cutting, feed the acrylic into the blade at steady rate, too fast can cause the material to overheat and melt.

Drilling Acrylic:

Acrylic can also be drilled if you avoid overheating the material.  Drills often generate a large amount of friction, which causes things to heat up.  If you do not use the proper drill bit, your acrylic will bend, twist, and crack.  Normal twist drills can be adapted in order to work with acrylic.  By grinding small flats onto both cutting edges, the drill can be operated at the correct speed. The drill press should operate from about 500 to 1000 Revolutions per minute.  Each time you drill a hole, allow the bit to cool off before initiating the next sequence.

Acrylic is a great material that has many applications in everyday life. It is a strong material that makes many activities a lot easier.

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