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Acrylic or Glass Display Cases

If you are looking to display a prized possession, you may be determining which material is most appropriate for a display case: acrylic or glass. This decision is difficult, but can be made with the appropriate amount of research.

Acrylic DisplayLaser cut acrylic displays are very lightweight and are easily affixed to a wall.  These cases are also extremely durable and are capable of withstanding substantial drops. If you want to display your case in an area that is highly trafficked, it is recommended to use acrylic to ensure the safety of your valued item. Acrylic is also the most economically affordable option for displaying different types of objects.

In comparison, glass is the weaker and more expensive display case. The one benefit to glass is that is scratch proof and can withstand a sizeable amount of superficial damage.  Unfortunately, glass is not as transparent as acrylic and doesn’t exhibit as much UV protection.

There are many things to consider when determining which material to use for a display case. In most cases, Acrylic is the most prudent choice for cheaply displaying a valued good.  If you have more questions about the design process and customization options, contact a local laser cutting acrylic specialist for more information.

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