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Acrylic is useful for a Multitude of Reasons

Although most people don't recognize it, acrylic plastics surround us almost everywhere we go. There are hundreds of ways to implement acrylic across a multitude of industries and products. The reasons people use acrylic includes its impact strength, color/pattern possibilities, durability, and cost for creation. If you simply look hard enough, you are bound to come across acrylic sheets. Depending on the type of phone or car you own, you may be using acrylic frequently. Some cellphone companies use acrylic plastics as screens instead of glass. This is done because of the shock/drop resistance that acrylic offers. It can be as clear and spotless as glass while also being stronger. Acrylic also weighs less than glass, and so this can help to reduce weight of cellphones in people’s pockets.

You can also find acrylic in/on:

People use acrylic because of it's strengthens, but it boasts more boons than simply that. Acrylic has thermoplastic properties, which allow the product to be molded easly (with the help of heat). Glass and other plastics do not meet the same high thermoplastic properties.  Acrylic is heated, and once hot it can be molded. When the material is mended to its proper shape, it is cooled and it hardens. For specific functions, acrylic also has the ability to be drape and cold formed. Speak to a local professional for a more detailed description of drape and cold forming.
It is clear that acrylic is inexpensive, strong, and easy to form, but it can also standup to different finishes. For acrylic that is used only/primarily outdoors, there is certain finishes that you can apply to make the acrylic last longer. You can get acrylic that is:

Knowing what your acrylic will be used for should help to determine what type of finish would be best for you. Companies can give you a full breakdown of different finishes and different color/pattern options.
Acrylic is a great alternative to glass for many different reasons. What is mentioned above should help to sway you away from easily breakable and expensive glass. You can get the same beauty with acrylic, but at half the price and double the strength. Call a local professional who can do laser cutting acrylic and acrylic tapping.

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